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Flavonoid Opuntia Humifusa or a palm-shaped cactus eliminates free radicals that are the leading cause of the chronic diseases, and has excellent effect of anti-aging, anti-oxidant, anti-carcinogen, and anti-inflammation. Opuntia Humifusa also contains 5 % of flavonoid that has anti-viral and anti-blood coagulative effect as well as prevents diabetic cataract, which excel 0.19 % of flavonoid in adlay, 0.21% of flavonoid in Shiitake mushroom, and 2.21% in Chinese pearl barley.
Dietary fiber Opuntia Humifusa not only prevents colon cancer by inhibiting cancer-causing mechanism and by blocking the absorption of idle cholesterol but also contains as much as 48.5 % of dietary fiber that helps prevent hypertension and diabetes, which excels fruits with 0.19% to 2.19% of fiber, vegetables of 0.99% to 7.42% of fiber, and grain with 1.19% to 10.35%.
Vitamin C Opuntia Humifusa is loaded with Vitamin C, which contains 240mg/100g or 2.4% of Vitamin C, 8 times as much as that of Aloe with 3.2mg or 0.33%.
Calcium Opuntia Humifusa contains calcium, which is necessary for making teeth, human bones, and joints as well as preventing osteoporosis, which is 10 times as much as anchovies and safflower seeds.
Phenolic components in Opuntia Humifusa have such functions as healing the damaged body organs, preventing the growth of cancer cells, and having anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory

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