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1/ Physical specifications:
– Broken (3/4 basis): 5.0% Max
– Moisture: 14.0% Max
– Foreign Matters: 0.1% Max
– Red & Red Streaked Kernels: 0.25% Max
– Yellow Kernels: 0.25% Max
– Damaged Kernels: 0.25% Max
– Chalky Kernels (3/4 basis): 1.5% Max
– Paddy: 1 Grain/Kg Max
– Milling Degree: Well Milled, Double Polished & Sortexed
– Average Length Of Whole Grain: 6.8mm Min
– Purity: 90% min
– Free From Alive – Insect. No Bad Smell Nor Bad Odour.
– Others Are As Per Vietnam Rice Export Standards.

2/ Rice characteristics:
– Appearance: has long and relatively thin shape with translucent white color. New / fresh crop has strong fragrant scent.
– After cooked: the rice is soft a little bit sticky with slight sweet flavour providing very good taste. Especially cooked rice can be stored for longer time without being rotten comparing to other rice varieties.

3/ Number of crops per year: 1 (mid November till January next year)

4/ Growing areas: Cambodia

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